beauty solution

Eight years ago

we promoted the first nanometer mist hydrating instrument, and later, we promoted the generation II and generation III products

Five years ago

we promoted the first generation carbonized depilating instrument which was hot sale in Japan


the generation II double depilating instrument has also launched into the market; in recent years, our personal skincare electronic products are sold well in Asia and Middle East …… currently, on the basis of intelligence, cloud computing and big data technologies, following the trend of Internet+, we are proposing the product idea and business mode of developing the smart personal skincare electronic products and providing online and offline overall cosmetological services for users.

RF, EMS, nanometer mist moisturizing, IPL depilating, effective carbonized depilating, ion cleansing exporting/nutrition importing, aqua pulse teeth cleansing, ultrasonic cleansing …… we have mastered varied skincare technologies and combined plans. Fully smart face cleansing instrument, smart skin beautifying instrument, smart teeth cleansing device, smart IPL…… we are providing the overall and smart technical solutions and products for you to jointly develop the global personal skincare market.

We possess professional R&D team, and are capable of designing and developing dozens of varied electronic skincare instruments and products

we holds the products and technical solutions for the whole process from industrial design to structure design, hardware circuit design to software development, from engineering test to quality inspection, from SMT to assembly

we are expecting to achieve win-win cooperation with you.

beauty solutions